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Mykicks Taekwondo  Martial Arts
Learn Taekwondo With The Best!!!

Our classes are carefully designed for all ages and all levels.  

We offer various programs from martial for kids Classes, martial arts for Teens & Adult Classes, martial arts for Family Classes and Mykicks Team Classes and Private Classes


                   All experience levels are welcome!


Mykicks taekwondo - Millbrae 

Martial arts for kids Classes  provides healthy,  safe, Fitness-focused classes that enhance positive attitude and academic performance.

Our exciting martial arts classes for kids can develop your kids focus, self-esteem, self-cofidense, lower level of anxiety, increased of responsibility.


Mykicks Taekwondo Martial Arts - Millbrae

Martial Arts for Teen and Martial arts for  Adult Classes, offer professional instructios use Taekwondo program as a tools to help you improve every part of your life. From getting a great workout to reducing your stress and learning practice self-defense skills.

We're helping people all across Millbrae, burlingame, Hillsborough and surrounding San Mateo county areas  find success one step at a time.

All experience levels are welcome!

Join us at Mykicks taekwondo center - Millbrae and get started on weight loss , Self-Defense , fitness  and healthier liifestyle.

Mykicks Taekwondo Martial Arts - millbrae

Martial arts for  Family Classes - Families who study martial arts to gather grow stronger as a Family. Kids learn respect and  discipline whine the parents get in great shape.

Martial arts  has tons of physical , mental and social benefits, suitable for anyone and everyone. In our totally unique, innovative Taekwondo program, you’ll not only learn how to defend yourself and your family.


If you want to be more competitive, Mykicks Team is for you.  

Mykicks Team Classes - Open to all Mykicks student focusing more in competitive style of Poomsae and Sparring techniques. 

Certified Licensed International Instructor

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