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Martial Arts for Teens & Adults

Martial arts Taekwondo for teens and adult

If you're looking for a martial arts lessons for Teen & Adult

or even for the whole Family  Mykicks Taekwondo Martial arts - Millbrae,   you've come to the right place!

AT Mykicks Taekwondo Center - Millbrae, we'll help you achieve you achieve your health and fitness goals, plus connect with the incredible community we've developed here

at Mykicks Taekwondo Center Martial Arts - Millbrae 

Our Teen and adult martial arts program offer professional instructios use Taekwondo program as a tool to help you improve every part of your life. From getting a great workout to reducing your stress and learning practice self-defense skills.

We're helping people all across Millbrae, burlingame, Hillsborough and surrounding San Mateo county areas  find success one step at a time.


All experience levels are welcome!

Join us at Mykicks taekwondo center - Millbrae and get started on weight loss , Self-Defense , fitness, get a total -body workout and healthier liifestyle

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